Install the bearing When concrete vibrator replaced with new bearings, you must use the same model with the original bearing. (1) bearing with kerosene washed, pressed into the bearing, filling Shell III lithium grease to two-thirds full at the roller bearing outer ring, spread evenly with clean hands, and put on bearing gland, coated with a plus glue fastening bolt locking bolt clamping bearing gland; (2) within the jacket bearing separable cylindrical nc press brake used 3mm steel sheet bending machine for sale roller bearings, bearing package should be on the shaft and place; (3) The bearing is mounted on the housing, if grease injection hole must be aligned position. Plus coated with glue fastening bolt locking bolt clamping bearing; (4) mounted on the inner and outer eccentric and place on the shaft, the shaft has a shaft key person should be charged within key keyway refill outer eccentric, the shaft with a ring mounted on the shaft; (5) fastening bolts fastening the eccentric rotation adjustable eccentric block to reach the angular position of removing the front and tighten the fastening bolts. After the above assembly is completed, the shaft should have a certain axial moving string; (6) on both ends of the shield Anyang vibrator with screws. Through the above analysis, Anyang vibrators mainly reflected in the rational use of the vibration frequency, amplitude and exciting force, as well as construction of concrete grasp member process control and vibration on time. According to the specific circumstances of the concrete member, formed its own unique advantages, and confirmed good results in different construction site. When using a vibrator, When the paint has been reinforced tie-line operation, Special attention should be insulated cable to ask Title, the cable must be set up properly, steel cutter machine supplier not dragged reinforced online to prevent breakage leakage, if found broken, Or motor zero line loss, shall promptly wind up its power to stop the operation, maintenance. (13), a vibrator, in use, such as temperature, need to cool down, usually in about half an hour of continuous work should be stopped Break some time to cool down and then reused. (14), a vibrator in operation, will never be allowed to adjust and maintenance, such as abnormal use, need to be adjusted And the maintenance, you must disconnect the motor switch and pull down the gates, after confirming that no electricity to operate. Using plug-in vibrators vibrators, the Vibrator To naturally sink and pull out the concrete, Can not force hard plug, Do not pull or push hard to use vibrators oblique rod body (and vibrator) hit hit hard objects such as steel or template, nor can rods Pry bars, etc. to pull the rod inserted in concrete when vibrated up and down tics shall vibrator to ensure uniform vibration, Each of the vibration time must be properly, it is spiral concrete batch plant for sale price necessary to prevent the vibration is not real, but also to prevent excessive vibration of the lower layer of sand gravel and cement Pulp segregation, Affect the quality of concrete, Usually when being vibrated concrete surface has been flat, No significant collapse phenomenon, And cement mortar appears, the already tap, you can change the position of lifting rods.