Concrete mixing station back yard enclosed dust Solutions

In our current advocate the green ready-mixed concrete production request. As a concrete mixing station main concrete production unit also needs to be appropriate changes. As the mixing station back yard is a key part of the mixing station processing dust. Under the new hydraulic analysis Today we will know in detail the concrete mixing station back yard closed dedusting solutions. In concrete production, especially the production of ready-mixed concrete companies. Dust problem back yard is a factor in the current production of a corporate environmental constraints continue to be addressed. Background closure is the solution yard dust in a very critical step. Although it is a big investment. But in solving dust problems, but also important to solve the production problems backstage aggregate due to weather factors. Back yard closed in, mainly using light steel and steel tile and color steel sandwich based. In the main channel material field structure were set up three-dimensional mesh structure. Around the yard using insulation sandwich board enclosure. In the top of automatic brick machine price the yard with color and transparent steel tile were top of the package. In the interior yard at the top of the first installation of a spray device, the talk inside the larger dust dust can be suppressed. And in the yard and out of port with automatic sensing pressure cleaning water screen device. Prevent material spills and dust inside the dust out of the vehicle into the station. And back yard are equipped with a large, centralized dust removal device, the normal production of dust unified collection and processing, used as a powder additive. And it is equipped with intake fan in the yard package, back yard in promoting air circulation. Improving backstage chat field workers working environment.

Concrete mixing station cement silo dust removal method for determining compliance

In the concrete production industry, we cement concrete mixing station in the warehouse roof can be said to be one of the keys to the whole enterprise in dust. So in their daily work, how to determine cement silo dust out of reach standard environmental requirements it? Here we analyze. Currently installed at many use cement silo mixing station when its top positions will be required to install a filter. Its role is energy saving dust. The entire cement silo dust most important part of the entire station dust also plays an important role. Judgment cement silo dust environmental standards approach? First, we must understand why is cement silo dust to clean up, because cement silo after prolonged use, the internal will produce more dust to dust clean-up can be timely and effective to ensure that the filter has a good working condition, it can effectively guarantee the effect of dust precipitator. We use filter when the tank before injection ash, we need to pay attention to its work processes, continued two to three minutes, if cement tank an alarm is prompted, we will promptly note gray program stopped, otherwise it will damage the filter. The use of dust judge is to look at the primary means of compliance Automatic Concrete Mixer cement silo dust. Cement silo dust removal also affects the whole point of environmental dust standard. If dust problem should be replaced or repaired in a timely manner. Allowed to better complete removal work.

How to choose a good concrete mixing station equipment

With the demand for the development of the infrastructure sector in China. It can be said concrete mixing plants as the main concrete production equipment increasingly occupy a major position in the industry. Many users also want to invest in this industry, then as a new user how to choose good equipment, has become the user very headache. It can be said as long as the user of the device will invest headache thing, which is the reason for that is how to select the device. And as for concrete mixing plants, how to choose cost-effective equipment has long been a subject of our study, the device will directly affect this late stage of rapid gains. There are many choices of concrete mixing station approach. But how to choose the most suitable for their own vital equipment does not mean it is good for you, of course, and certainly not a bad device line, compare together according to their needs and site factors, etc., are. Select the most suitable manufacturers. In the selection of the first to look at the quality of equipment concrete mixing station equipment materials, concrete mixing station equipment slightly superior material directly affects the life of concrete mixing station equipment, and now most of the concrete mixing station equipment is used in steel tank , stainless steel, etc., this can effectively prevent rain washing solvent due to corrosion, reduce the vibration amplitude laundry, CONSERVANCY concrete mixer manufacturers greatly improving the life of the concrete mixing station. The second is whether the environmental performance, now concrete mixing station towards the direction of environmental protection has been a major trend. Not environmentally friendly types of concrete mixing station equipment for all investors if the purchase, production and sales in the latter part will quickly be eliminated, this time concrete mixing stations want to get normal operations, will have to re-purchase of equipment, the cost of this time It is great. Combined with years of sales experience, we work for a new water well-known professional concrete manufacturers. We can provide users with the most reasonable siting program designed program to provide high-quality equipment and technology, allowing users to quickly grow in this industry.

Site concrete mixing station equipment should be how to plan

In our concrete production of concrete mixing station is one of the equipment is very important. Then the station design, how planning is also an art. Should flexibly according to the situation of production and the scale of investment, equipment selection, the number of varieties of raw materials, covering the license conditions. In order to map out the most reasonable siting plan. In the site planning and design, process design principle is to require reasonably compact, simple production process, but also small footprint, while the number of species and the number of necessary raw materials storage to fully consider. We must consider the reasonableness of the process, from raw material to finished product delivery should be stacked. Late reduce operating costs. In the design safety factors need to be considered. Meet fire safety, sanitation and lighting conditions at the station between the auxiliary plant and auxiliary plant. In the yard is the design process should be as short as possible to avoid long-distance transport and cross-line transport. Will further reduce energy consumption costs. In our concrete mix station siting process needs to avoid buildings, Manual brick making machinery structures and railway line and so on. This avoids the expansion of these units late because affect production. But also increases the safety factor, is not conducive to long-term development of enterprises. So the choice is also very important area. Concrete mix station design also according to the wind, sand and gravel for enterprise in dumps, and may be arranged in the plants east-west direction, the north-south direction may be living area, parking lots, laboratories, machine repair workshop. Facilitate post mixing station operation. Let our equipment to better serve users.